AIMS Testing Next Week

Hello everybody,

I was not writing alot the whole year and I am sorry for that. From today on I am going to write every Wednesday afternoon (PHX time) a smaller article. I am also going to write about special equations more often.

Next Monday and Tuesday I am going to write my English AIMS tests. The AIMS test is a criteria for graduating in the United States. Eventhough I am not going to graduate here I am going to take it, because it is a test about the knowledge of Reading and Writing in the English language. It can be compared to the Lernstandserhebung which I had to write back in Germany. The grade is not going to be part of my grade in the class but I believe that it can be an advantage later to have taken this exam.

The Winter sport season ended a few weeks ago and spring sports started. I played soccer for the High School and we did good. For everyone who might want to do an exchange year in the future I recommend doing school sports. It is an awesome experience and I met new friends.

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