School Again

Now I am a few weeks into school again. In not much more than one month my exchange year is ending. Now I am in school again. I am of course already thinking of home and my family and friends, but I know it is going to be difficult to leave from here. But more of that right before I leave.


Weekly Wednesday (Late Article)

Today is Thursday,

I am writing late, because I wanted to write about the Humanitarian Club at my High School. We focus on helping other people and schedualed different event concluding work at a soup kitchen. We are trying to help people financially who can’t afford being part of school activities or other things. I am excited to see the outcome of the club and hope it continues to keep up its work.

AIMS Part 2

The last two days I took the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards test. It was the longest writing test I ever took and a reading part which let my eyes burn. I am now waiting for my results and hope that I did good :D .

Tomorrow it is going to be my first day participating in a club at school. I am going to join the Humanitarian Club and I am going to meet the people from the German Club next Wednesday. I think that’s going to be fun.

AIMS Testing Next Week

Hello everybody,

I was not writing alot the whole year and I am sorry for that. From today on I am going to write every Wednesday afternoon (PHX time) a smaller article. I am also going to write about special equations more often.

Next Monday and Tuesday I am going to write my English AIMS tests. The AIMS test is a criteria for graduating in the United States. Eventhough I am not going to graduate here I am going to take it, because it is a test about the knowledge of Reading and Writing in the English language. It can be compared to the Lernstandserhebung which I had to write back in Germany. The grade is not going to be part of my grade in the class but I believe that it can be an advantage later to have taken this exam.

The Winter sport season ended a few weeks ago and spring sports started. I played soccer for the High School and we did good. For everyone who might want to do an exchange year in the future I recommend doing school sports. It is an awesome experience and I met new friends.


It’s was a while ago that I wrote.


Hello everybody,

Halloween is just over, the decorations are all gone and the next big holiday follows. Everything is decorated and a giant turkey waits in everyone’s fridge. We are going to prepare dinner together to celebrate Thanksgiving and I know it is going to be another great experience. We are going to have people come over to our house and I am exited how it’s going to turn out. Another event I experienced since I came here was the election. I am so glad the advertising on TV is gone and the politicians do not try to show how good they are and how bad the others. In school some of my teachers had a TV showing news of the election. I learned a lot about American government and political system.

Fall Break

Ok it’s Friday, time for another article. I know that last time there was nothing new on here except of the pictures, but today theres gonna be a little more.

Last Week we had fall break, so 1 week off school :D. It was good to take a break for a week, I do not have any problems in school, but it always feels good to have some more time and you can relax and SLEEP LONGER!!!

To do an exchange year is really good, I can recommend it to everyone. If you get the opportunity to do it, then do it, but you will miss home some time. You will miss your family, friends and maybe places, food etc.

Personally I miss my friends, family and my cat.


Grand Canyon and Camping

I just saw that I did not write about our trip to the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago. Now I have to do this not that I forget it again. And hopefully I can add some pictures 😀

Ok as I said we went to the Grand Canyon. We, this are my host parents, my host brother, and their cousins. It was so fun. We started Friday after school and while we were driving You could see how the landscape changed. There were forests and not just only dirt/sand (which doesn’t mean I don’t like it hear in the warm dessert :D, I have to say it’s a dessert with palms and grass areas in town) At our first stop we had a good view.

At our campside we built up our tents. It was fun playing airsoft in the woods and search for lizards, we finnaly found two that eavening.

The next day we went to the Grand Canyon. Imagine the most amazing view you have ever seen and then multiply it with 10 then you know how amazing the view into the Grand Canyon is. The pictures that should be below this part can’t show this so good. You have to see it with your own eyes. Oh of course I forgot I don’t know how to put pictures in here


We walked the trail next to the Gand Canyon, and were nearly four hours out there. It was so fun.


First High School Football Game

Finally I found the time to write a few more articles.

Last Friday I went to a Football Game of my High School. It was amazing, nearly the whole school was there and watched the game of our High School. I do not understand all football rules yet, but I try to learn them as fast as I can. It was also fun without knowing all of them and my friends could explain me some important rules. My school won the game with 49:03.
All in all it was fun. I don’t know what to write more about the game, so I just gonna jump to the next article.


The first week in school

Okay, my first week in school is over. Time to write about my experience.

World History                                                                                                                            Geometry                                                                                                                                 English                                                                                                                                      Spanish                                                                                                                                     Advisory (every wednesday)

Day no1:

The first day of school will probably be the day you will be scared about most. But don’t worry, tell all your teachers on first day who you are and they’ll help you through class. Maybe you can be shown around by one student. At my school a kind women, who works at the guidance office showed me around. Also speak to as many students as you can. Trust me when I’m saying if you talk to them you will make friends fast. Don’t worry about your less vocabs. They will understand you and all American students love the german accent.

Day no :2

The second school day will be more relaxed than the first one. Don’t think that you will make friends without doing anything. Talk to others and make sure that you make friends in the first week. It will make your schoolyear easier.

the next days went better and better, and the next week I found a group of nice students who directly included me in their schoolday, since then school is more fun, because there are a lot of people who know me. Also a lot of other students now come and talk to me and everyone wants to know something about Germany and german schoollife. ( For the next exchange students a tipp, they will ask you if you can tell them a few kuss words, be careful about it you might get in trouble)  Monday starts my fourth school week now and I think it will be fun.