Grand Canyon and Camping

I just saw that I did not write about our trip to the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago. Now I have to do this not that I forget it again. And hopefully I can add some pictures 😀

Ok as I said we went to the Grand Canyon. We, this are my host parents, my host brother, and their cousins. It was so fun. We started Friday after school and while we were driving You could see how the landscape changed. There were forests and not just only dirt/sand (which doesn’t mean I don’t like it hear in the warm dessert :D, I have to say it’s a dessert with palms and grass areas in town) At our first stop we had a good view.

At our campside we built up our tents. It was fun playing airsoft in the woods and search for lizards, we finnaly found two that eavening.

The next day we went to the Grand Canyon. Imagine the most amazing view you have ever seen and then multiply it with 10 then you know how amazing the view into the Grand Canyon is. The pictures that should be below this part can’t show this so good. You have to see it with your own eyes. Oh of course I forgot I don’t know how to put pictures in here


We walked the trail next to the Gand Canyon, and were nearly four hours out there. It was so fun.


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