The first week in school

Okay, my first week in school is over. Time to write about my experience.

World History                                                                                                                            Geometry                                                                                                                                 English                                                                                                                                      Spanish                                                                                                                                     Advisory (every wednesday)

Day no1:

The first day of school will probably be the day you will be scared about most. But don’t worry, tell all your teachers on first day who you are and they’ll help you through class. Maybe you can be shown around by one student. At my school a kind women, who works at the guidance office showed me around. Also speak to as many students as you can. Trust me when I’m saying if you talk to them you will make friends fast. Don’t worry about your less vocabs. They will understand you and all American students love the german accent.

Day no :2

The second school day will be more relaxed than the first one. Don’t think that you will make friends without doing anything. Talk to others and make sure that you make friends in the first week. It will make your schoolyear easier.

the next days went better and better, and the next week I found a group of nice students who directly included me in their schoolday, since then school is more fun, because there are a lot of people who know me. Also a lot of other students now come and talk to me and everyone wants to know something about Germany and german schoollife. ( For the next exchange students a tipp, they will ask you if you can tell them a few kuss words, be careful about it you might get in trouble)  Monday starts my fourth school week now and I think it will be fun.

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